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FNM: Commander Commoner

July 12 19:00 22:30

Commander Commoner

Your Commander(s) must be Uncommon and Legendary creature; the rest of your deck must contain only cards printed at common.

Treat all eligible commanders as though they had the partner ability, this allows players to add an additional commander to a deck they already have or use a never-before-seen combination of two commanders to helm a totally new deck.

Commanders that already have abilities like partner won’t let players have more than two commanders at this event, but we applaud your enthusiasm.
Remember that the extra commander still counts toward the 100 cards in their deck.

Each player starts with 30 life and plays a deck of 99 unique common cards (excluding basic lands) headed by an uncommon Legendary creature(s) that is the deck’s commander.
Another difference is that a player dies after taking 16 damage from a single commander. Otherwise, the rules follow those of Commander, yes 10 infect.

Commander Commoner follows the combined paper/online rarities adopted by Pauper but also allows the use of promo cards. This means cards that have only appeared at the common or uncommon rarity in online sets such as Chainer’s Edict and Bastion Protector are legal to play. You can use the Scryfall search engine to find a card’s rarity from any set.

Banned list
Mystic Remora
Rhystic Study

Start 7pm

Entry Fee: Free

Prizes: We will open the most current MTG promo packs and everyone will receive a promo at random.

Underworld Games

The Litehouse Business Centre, The Cook Building, Crocus Street
United Kingdom

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