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Flesh And Blood TCG: Part the Mistveil

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Venture into the cloaked valleys of Misteria to uncover ancient truths and traditions that will reshape your mind, body, and soul! Part the Mistveil features three new heroes across Assassin, Ninja, and Illusionist classes, as well as the incredible new Mystic talent.

Master the sacred arts to transcend beyond your natural limitations, unlocking hidden abilities powered by a unique new resource – Chi! Seduce your enemies into letting their guard down with Nuu, harness the power of Crouching Tigers with Zen, and ward off threats with the mysterious Enigma!

Part the Mistveil features breathtaking Marvel heroes and traditional Japanese illustration cards, a diverse range of support cards within the Expansion Slot, and is the first Flesh and Blood booster set to be released in Japanese language!

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